La Plateforme Composite Marseille

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The platform is able to provide services and facilities to design, to size, to make, to test composite structures in laminated composite material with thermosetting and thermoplastic resins with high temperatures and pressures(450°C and 20 bars). The activities concern three main objectives :

1. Support to Innovative Collaborative Projects with industrial or research laboratory partners, based on research activities developed at the LMA in Material and Structures Team in laminated composite field mainly for aeronautic and aerospace applications.

2. Support to Innovative SMEs in developing technological transfers, prototyping services to define process, mechanical strength or design of structure in partnership with Team Henri-Fabre.

3. Support to Education Trainings for mechanical engineers and process technician in advanced composite field through a Master of Mechanical Engineering and a Professional Bachelor in the Mechanical Department of Aix Marseille University

Recent Blog

12 March 2018

Delivery of the 3D printer

A new equipment to design faster

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17 February 2018

Our e-moutain bike is finally finished

Soon the tests in real conditions

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18 November 2016

Marseille Composite Platform Inauguration

This day was dedicated to present platform, training courses, and future collaborative projects to industrials partners.

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